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BioShock 2
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Blending classical strategic planning, tactics and development with gripping combat interactions - all in visually rich detail - XCOM is one strategy game that won't leave you bored. Throw in new enemies and an immersive story and XCOM 2 is destined to steal hours, if not days, of your life.

The title says it all, really - but don't go thinking this is just some crop-cutting bore-fest. See, the FS series has captured the imagination of the internet, which means there's a whole host of mods out there - as well as a barrage of YouTube videos - which make it a real sack of laughs. Head into FS 17's online multiplayer mode and you can expect carnage, as combine harvesters, tractors and the rest wreak havoc in fields of sunflowers, soy beans and more.

8 Simple Tips to Secure a Mac from Malware, Viruses, & Trojans

Yes, it was originally released in - but that doesn't stop Half-Life 2 being an all-time great adventurer, and that remains very much the case on this Mac port. Playing as scientist-turned-saviour-of-humanity Gordon Freeman, it's all on you to fend off the aliens infesting the planet. Deploy your wits and weapons - including the immense gravity gun - to free humanity, while enjoying the award-winning physics, graphics and human emotions which made Half-Life 2 such a success.

Reckon you're the next Briatore?


Think you could trump EJ? Put your mettle to the test with Motorsport Manager - probably the best racing management simulator that's ever been made. Originally a beautifully realised smartphone game, it's also available for Mac - among other platforms - with greater depth, richer graphics and generally more addictive gameplay.

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Decent multiplayer shooters are few and far between on the Mac. Thankfully, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all the gun-toting you'll ever need. A steep learning curve only adds to the addictiveness, as you utilise a range of unlockable weapons to fight insurgents as a counter-terrorist - or vice versa - battling across 7 maps where death is always right around the corner. StarCraft II is several years old at this point, but it remains a real-time strategy classic.

And there's fresh reason to play it right now, especially if you haven't before: Blizzard recently made the original Wings of Liberty campaign and the core online multiplayer experience free.

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Originally launched in , Rust was subsequently rebooted for Mac - and, while that didn't go entirely to plan, it's still a cruel, immersive survival game that will test your patience. It's multiplayer-only and, really, you need to play in a group. Play alone and all of your hard work - building shelter, finding food, crafting some semblance of a life for yourself - will almost definitely be raided and decimated by a bigger group of players. The 25 best Mac games you can get right now The latest and greatest picks for getting your MacOS gaming fix.

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  • The 25 best Mac games you can get right now Macs have never had the best reputation for gaming. Mercifully for Mac owners, things have changed.

    Progression of macOS

    PORTAL 2 Yes, the original Portal is the one that everybody raves about, and even a decade after release, it's still absolutely brilliant and well worth circling back on. HITMAN IO Interactive's stealth assassin series lost a bit of steam over time, but with a new episodic format, the revived Hitman feels totally fresh and is an essential play for action fans.

    BESIEGE Fulfil your inner engineer with Besiege: construct medieval siege contraptions to lay waste to countless conurbations, with a building system simple enough for slaughterers-in-training, whilst sufficiently complex to fulfil the cravings of infinitely creative conquerers. Other puzzles are much less easy to find. Some games make you level up your character to access new areas; this one makes you level up yourself.

    There are few more satisfying feelings in gaming than when you finally realize the solution to a puzzle in The Witness. With a click, a new door opens. A Good Match For: Puzzle fiends, people who like a challenge, anyone who liked Myst and wants to see what a modern evolution would be like.

    Improvements in AI behavior and the introduction of skills allocation let you be a more flexible commander than in previous Total War games. Everything about Shogun 2 —from the artwork to the soundtrack to the overarching gameplay goals—puts you inside a living history lesson. Unlike Empire or Rome, which let you build an empire spanning continents against vastly different foes, Shogun is fairly limited in its scale.

    When it came out in , Divinity: Original Sin already seemed almost too good to be true. Here we had a PC RPG that combined turn-based tactical combat, Ultima -style world simulation, and pen-and-paper co-op role-playing. It was great. A year later, Original Sin has been re-released in an Enhanced Edition with a number of major improvements. The game now works well! There are a bunch of new items and abilities, the story has been reworked, and the script is now fully voice-acted. One of the best CPRGs in recent memory got a whole lot better. Original Sin is a difficult, demanding game, and it requires you to manage a bunch of complicated RPG inventory, crafting, and magic systems.

    Read our impressions of the base game.

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    As a human stuck in a world of monsters, you decide whether you want to win encounters with wanton violence or clever context-based interactions talking, joking, petting, etc. Every life you take ultimately has consequences. Despite those grim trappings, Undertale can be an incredibly warm, fuzzy, and funny game. Crusader Kings II began, in , as a very good game.

    It has become, following a seemingly endless run of expansions and updates, each one adding new challenges, scope and dimensions to an already exhaustive package, one of the most comprehensive and unique strategic experiences in all of video games. A Good Match For: History buffs, anyone who knows that kingdoms rise and fall on much more than the strength of their armies. Just a man and a dog, looking to make a delivery. But Kentucky Route Zero quickly becomes a mystical adventure through a land left behind by time, an odyssey in magical realism that feels grand and mysterious in a way that very, very few modern video games can muster.

    It's free-to-play, too, which means pumping in money can bring big advantages, but at least you can try it out and probably play quite a bit without spending.

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    Probably the most fun you can have in five minutes. Shotgun FunFun is a side-scrolling action game in which you have to shoot as many zombies as possible with a shotgun. It's dumb fun, but definitely fun. The most brutal game in this list, Slime Time finds a little jet-packing CEO trying to cover up a toxic waste crisis. Said executive blasts about, blowing up sewer pipes that spew green goo and lasering creatures that emerge from the toxic pool below.

    It's infuriatingly compelling, though. This indie darling is best known in remade form on Xbox and PS Vita, but its origins go way back to on Windows. This download is an unofficial Mac take on that first version. And what a game it is, featuring a little spelunker exploring procedurally generated caves packed full of ladders, precarious drops, venomous spiders and loads of bling. Merely surviving is a test; zooming through levels at a rate the game's happy with is a true challenge for even the most skilled gamer.

    Starcraft 2 is one of the finest games you can get for the Mac. That you can get an almost full Starcraft 2 game for free is jaw-dropping. This strategy game sees you controlling three different races: Terrans, Zerg and the Protoss. Each race has different weapons, craft and abilities and each feels magnificently different to play. You wage battles against one or two of the other races. There's a great narrative story, and you can play five missions from the full game in the Starter Edition.

    You can also play other gamers online, and it's a great multiplayer experience. The original Starcraft has gone free too , along with the Brood War expansion. A fierce twitch platform shooter, Super Crate Box tasks you with leaping about platforms, blasting running skeleton heads, and collecting boxes. If the skeletons reach the fire, they reappear at the top of the screen in madder, faster form, so keeping their numbers down is key; but only collecting boxes improves your score and racks up the points needed to unlock new arenas and weaponry.

    The game's an adrenaline-rush juggling act, then, often over in seconds, but compelling enough to stick with until you're armed to the teeth. Isn't that just people hitting tiny balls with sticks? How very dull.

    But in Super Stickman Golf 3, you wear hats that give you special abilities, wield clubs that also have crazy powers, and thwack balls about floating islands, in dungeons, and through space stations in zero-gravity. This is the gold medal award. Team Fortress 2 is an amazingly well-balanced online shooter with a wonderful cartoon style. Even though Team Fortress 2 is multiplayer-only, it's easy to jump in and start playing on your own.

    It's ridiculously good fun, with a range of genuinely different character types. You'll soon become utterly addicted to helping your team win each shootout. Up to 16 players can play at once, and you can meet other gamers online. It's open-source and developed by users who play the game themselves. You can also create your own maps using the in-game map editor. This game from iOS makes its way to the Mac in style. Touchgrind is a skateboarding game where you place two fingers on the trackpad to guide the skateboard around.

    It's a real test of skill, but also an innovate control style that makes a great change from the usual mouse and keyboard routine. Minecraft has become a global phenomenon in the last few years, with millions of players exploring its chunky pixelated world - including many young children getting their first taste of gaming. But Minecraft isn't free, so if you're looking for a free alternative then Trove is a good place to start. It provides the same open-world freedom as Minecraft, allowing you to build your own home within the game world, or letting your imagination run wild as you create vast castles and other buildings to play in.

    However, Trove also has elements of RPG action that allow you to go off and explore dungeons and other locations within the world, and to join up with other players as you battle monsters and search for hidden treasures. There's also a Battleverse mode that lets you go head-to-head in combat against your friends.