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Install Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 14.04
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  2. Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS
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This app is pretty much similar to Mac Spotlight. Albert Spotlight is a handy tool which let the users search a wide range of applications including images, documents, music, etc. Users can search the system based on customizable search criteria and rules. It also supports custom hotkeys. Run the following command to install Albert Spotlight.

Cerebro is a fantastic utility tool which you can use for searching the whole system even including the online. This tool is built based on Electron and available for all the primary platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Click the below link to download Cerebro. Download Cerebro. LibreOffice comes preinstalled in Ubuntu system.

The default icons are pretty much dull and do not match when making the system look like Mac. You can change this by installing Monochrome icons. Run the below code in Terminal. You are not finished here.

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As of now, this Ubuntu Mac theme does not work on latest Ubuntu All the above steps are tricky, so install it when you know how to revert in case of anything terrible happens. Although there are more theme and wallpapers are available to make Ubuntu as look like MacOS, it is always fun to try something new and different.

Note: Images and information are collected from the official repository. Most important is to have unfolding directories and ability to select multiple files from anywhere within the tree structure simultaneously. Other important features I am looking for: 1. Drag and Drop with Spring loaded folders 2. Tabbed windows 3. Quickview like previews 5.

Get Mac OS X Wallpapers

Ability to change color and background image of windows 6. Smart folders can attach script to act on contents of the folder 7. GUI Batch renaming 8. Split windows. Please help me out. Hello Phoenix, try to restart the system and see if dock changes or not. If problem remains, try to hide Unity launcher first. Plank can be configured with all sorts of themes too, making it easy to replicate the Mac OS X experience. Gnosemite is a faithful mac Plank theme worth a look if the above theme is not working.

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