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  1. 3 tips for QuickTime slow motion you have to know
  2. How to Slow Down a Video via a Slow Motion Video Player?
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To adjust the speed of the selected range or an area outside it, drag any of the three speed sliders at the top of the clip. Select the clip in the timeline.

A reverse-play icon appears on the clip, and the clip now plays in reverse, at the speed you set. By default, iMovie automatically slows down the speed of high-frame-rate clips when you add them to the timeline , adjusting them to play back at the same speed as the rest of your movie. You can turn off this setting in iMovie preferences.

Fast/Slow Motion Video Effects - Filmora Tutorial

High-frame-rate footage appears to play in slow motion when slowed to regular playback speed. If you have added high-frame-rate clips to your movie with the automatic slow-motion preference turned off, you can apply this setting to selected clips. The frame rate of the selected clip is adjusted to match the frame rate of the rest of the movie.

3 tips for QuickTime slow motion you have to know

If the clip has a duration longer than 3 seconds, iMovie adjusts the speed at the beginning and end of the clip, to emphasize the slow motion. Change clip speed In the timeline , select the clip whose speed you want to change.

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To show the speed controls, click the Speed button. Change the speed of part of a clip Any part of a clip can be sped up or slowed down, and you can choose whether to smoothly transition the frame rates between the part with the speed change and the rest of the clip.

Do one of the following: I would like to be able to view the videos I have taken on my iPhone in slow motion. Is this possible to do?

How to Slow Down a Video via a Slow Motion Video Player?

Posted on Mar 31, 5: Page content loaded. Apr 2, 8: The Photos app lets you change the length of your video or slow it down directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. How to edit videos on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. Make your favorite moments last even longer with slow-motion videos. Your video records as normal.

How to Play Video in Slow Motion

But when you play it back, you see the slo-mo effect. You can even edit your video so that the slo-mo action starts and stops at a time you choose. Use camera modes on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This will increase the speed from 1x to 2x, 5x, 10x, etc.

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If you want more precision, then hold the Option key when clicking, and you will see the increments jump by values of 0. The script line that will do this for the foremost QuickTime document is the following:. In this command, the 0. Negative values will run in reverse, and positive ones will run forward.

Slow Motion Video Player for Windows 7/10/Mac Free Download

The back and forward controls in QuickTime adjust the speed from 1x on up. Unfortunately this means you will need to use another program Script Editor, or the Terminal, or perhaps Automator or even a compiled AppleScript Application using this code to control your movie playback speed in QuickTime X, but technically it is doable. That being said, this ability is present in other media players as it was in QuickTime 7, where you can use hotkeys or a slider control to set the playback speed natively.

How to edit videos on the latest QuickTime Player It was possible in older QuickTime Player 7.