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Skype brings new screen sharing feature to Android and iOS
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Note: Share Screen can only be initiated from a desktop or laptop computer.

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Mobile users can view the shared screen but are unable to initiate it with others. Make sure that you select the Mac version of Skype. After downloading, launch the Skype application. You will be directed to an interface that lists all of your contacts.

After initiating a conversation with a contact, you should see many different icons hovering at the bottom of the conference window. The Share Screen function is the icon where the square box partly overlaps another square box. Hit that icon and you will be prompted once to share your screen.

Should I buy a PC or Mac for working from home?

Simply hit Start Sharing and your screen will be displayed for everyone in the conference. You can also switch screens to share an application window instead of your entire screen. To do this, click on the same icon.

And problems are all the same - HyperSnap determine incorrect window boundaries. The only "must" is you have to snap some program which is not dpi aware.

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Even in Skype I can see such artifacts including jumping of the cursor. But it's also possible, that MS is not going to solve these issues under Windows 7.

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If any other input from my side can be helpful - I'm ready to help. Had to log off and log back on to have the setting activated. Now I have huge letters on my two monitors, test HyperSnap 7 with several programs, including Skype.

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All screen captures work normally - tried region capture, window capture, active window - no problems, also for all Skype windows On Windows 8 there is a similar problem again: when I change the "magnification", it changes the screen look instantly, but tells me that for everything to work correctly, I need to reboot or maybe only log off - on again, don't remember at the moment.

If I don't do this, and try e. But if I reboot with this higher magnification setting and then test again, on Skype and other windows, all works normally.

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Other than that, don't know what I could fix in my program. Skype window, and what the system returns it me is what I highlight with the blinking rectangle, and later capture. Apparently they don't give me the correct coordinates after such scaling, on Mac systems The only thing that comes to mind is, check if there is an updated Windows graphics card driver for this particular system, as the problem could be in the driver code.

Also, if you by any chance use some older version of HyperSnap 7, see if the latest one works any better Latest Posts. App changes function of phone volume buttons? Active Posts.

How to: Set up Screen Sharing on a Mac

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