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  4. Project Management Software For Mac

You can try a fully featured version of Redbooth free for 30 days. Active Collab offers both cloud based and self hosted software that keeps things extremely simple but does not lack power. Active Collab has a clear and distraction free interface with plenty of handy features. One of the things we like most about Active Collab is the Estimated v Tracked Time feature which makes it easy to see where things are getting out of hand.

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Other nice touches include up to GB of file sharing space, Gantt charts accessible to everyone and Kanban Boards for collaboration. The online version includes integration with major online storage and payment solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive and PayPal but you can also install Active Collab locally to utilize local storage servers instead.

You can try Active Collab free for 30 days. Celoxis is an advanced Indian based online and on-premise project management tool but still remains surprisingly easy to use. Celoxis is used by companies as notable as HBO, LG and Rolex for project management indicating just how powerful it is. Of course, there are also Gantt charts which can be edited via keyboard shortcuts and a very useful portfolio report which can assimilate and report on several projects at once. Other features include time tracking , invoicing and extensive reports.

15 Best Project Management Solutions for Mac in 12222

Clarizen is a cloud based project management tool which tries to take the hard work out of project management. One way it does this is via the Project Highlight Report which automatically summarizes essential project information, status, pending issues etc. Other useful tools include Gantt charts , brainstorming discussions and timesheets. Mavenlink is a highly accomplished cloud based software which is used by companies such as Buzzfeed, CocaCola and SalesForce.

Mavenlink is a very advanced tool designed for the needs of large enterprises with an upper online file storage limit of 1TB. It also looks like an app that was designed for macOS which perfectly fits the Apple aesthetic. Backlog takes a simpler approach but we like the way it keeps things incredibly simple and makes it easy to keep focused on the essential.

All of the solutions featured here are excellent Gantt chart tools and the best one for you depends on whether you want a cloud or desktop solution, need MPP file support and what your budget will allow.

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  7. To help get a better overview of how the apps here compare side-by-side, check out the comparison table below. However, the free versions of some of the apps featured in this article come pretty close but they all have restrictions. For more information, check out our look at the best free alternatives to Microsoft Project on Mac. The market for Mac users is a lot smaller than for Windows and it would require Microsoft to develop and maintain an entirely different product on macOS.


    If you have any questions, problems or suggestions regarding the apps featured here, let us know in the comments below. I wanted to add a few items to the list. Seavus Project Voewer is an excellent way to view Project files on Mac plus a little it more.

    Project planning made painless.

    Starting with version 3. Thanks for clarifying. First, Microsoft did create a version of Project for Mac. They terminated support after Project 4.

    Other than truly platform-unique UI capabilities e. Force Touch , you can create most any user interface with native Java, just as you can with a native toolkit. The challenges are that Java apps often use Windows or Linux styles and metaphors which drive us Mac users nuts!

    Project Management for Mac: The 5 Best Tools of

    Also, these apps are often older than native or Web-based alternatives the Mac and Web have only gotten popular for most biz software in the past few years, but Java has been popular for FOSS for nearly 20 years , and their UIs are often just out of date.

    Good UI requires hard work, and that requires skilled labor and time, both of which are usually in short supply on FOSS projects. I would also hesitate to refer to Java as bug-ridden or insecure. But you make some very valid points and thanks again for taking the time to share them! Thank you this exhaustive write up and comparison.

    My team evaluated each one and then we finally went with the Gantt chart excel template. This one was a gem of a find, we use excel and it fits our budget perfectly. Thanks but we already included it in our look at Microsoft Project viewers for Mac. I was looking to switch from Microsoft and hit this jackpot! Thank a lot for sharing this post.

    Project Office for Mac OS X

    Wrike and LiquidPlanner both look interesting. I will give both of them a try.

    Project Management Software For Mac

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    Home Best Software. Teamwork Projects Free Version Teamwork Projects really pushes the boat out when it comes to project management and in our view, is the best alternative to Microsoft Project that Mac users can find. You can see a full comparison of how Teamwork Projects vs Microsoft Project compares below. Thanks for highlighting these points. They have been added to the review of ConceptDraw Project.

    You can also create and customize Graphical Reports as in Microsoft Project Very helpful article, but I wanted to clarify a few items. Again, thanks for an excellent review! Thanks for letting us know and glad it helped you find a solution! Good choices and thanks for stopping by! You can store all of your files in the cloud with our online file storage, so you can download, upload or view project files whenever you need to.

    No need to abandon the tools that are critical to your workflow. Our complete project management platform gives Mac users everything they need to plan, schedule, track and collaborate on projects from start to finish. Create task lists, build project plans, schedule teams, and report on your project progress — all from your mac. Our tools are used by teams globally to manage all kinds of projects, from complex engineering projects, to simple event planning projects.

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    Cloud-based Software for Mac ProjectManager. Award Winning ProjectManager.