Thunderbolt vs usb 3.0 mac

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Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, USB Type-C: Making Sense of Connections

A thunderbolt adapter is however less universally useful as fewer computers can support it. Worse, it is my experience that you cannot connect a thunderbolt ethernet adapter to a Macbook running Windows while it is running. You must reboot to allow the system to detect the new PCI-E device. This does not happen in Mac OS. This could have been fixed by now, but it was enough of a nuisance that I eschewed the objectively superior thunderbolt adapter for a USB 3. Thunderbolt 3 is a beast of a protocol and hardware solution capable of speeds of 20 Gbps over copper, passive cables or 40 Gbps over active copper or optical cables.

As a matter of fact Thunderbolt also allows for networking , which should be present in all major operating systems including Linux kernel 4. This is also called ethernet over usb and I heard people tell it works well enough and is also supported in Linux. Prolific has some offerings, that should be solid.

In addition to regular USB 3. There are no offload engines and support for really advanced stuff like SR-IOV you can just forget about in most cases. For the new MacBook pro with thunderbolt 3 over usb type-c port.

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It supports usb down to usb 2. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Well, technically they are. They limit you to 1.

My guess is that USB will be more taxing. Unless you shuffle dvdrips for a living, it's hard to actually use it's potential fully. I remember that mbps USB2. Has anyone profiled a USB2. Still, the transfer speed will be far from being CPU-bound.

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More specifically and at the risk of oversimplifying it: A word about latency A lot has been made about latency in the comments. Does latency matter to typical consumers? So, what is latency? Some are listed below: Hardware factors Traversing the network medium Traversing network switches and devices Transmission through the PCIe bus Memory access times Length of network cables Etc etc Software factors Firmware running on the adapter The device driver controlling the adapter Operating system execution The portion of the network stack that data has to transmit over Etc etc Regardless of the factor involved, the impact of latency on network bandwidth can be temporary or persistent.

How is latency measured? So, is latency a factor in determining the type of ethernet adapter one purchases? Thunderbolt v USB 3 re latency So, which type of adapter is better in terms of latency? That definitely helps. Can you comment on that? Is that true, and does it make a difference whether in theory or in practical daily use?

The difference won't be noticeable because both adapters negotiate down to an ethernet transfer protocol from their native protocol. That being said, thunderbolt to thunderbolt latency is lower because the negotiated transfer protocol PCI express has a lower latency than ethernet's many protocols.

Thanks CodyGray I've just updated my answer to address the existence of 10Gbps. USB has polling latency, and I have no idea about Thunderbolt. An answer from my personal experience: Kuba Wyrostek Kuba Wyrostek 1 2 6.

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USB 3. Daan van Hoek Daan van Hoek 2 9. How do they compare, and what are they best for? The second generation of the Thunderbolt standard combines DisplayPort and PCI Express data and is faster than its predecessor — it can drive a 4K display with a single connector, and it delivers roughly twice the data speeds as its forerunner — but it has the same maximum bandwidth as its predecessor: Read more: Chuwi HiGame. The difference is in how that bandwidth is parcelled out. In the original Thunderbolt standard there were four one-way channels offering 10Gbps each — two upstream channels and two downstream.

With Thunderbolt 2, there are two bidirectional channels delivering 20Gbps each. That means a single channel has more than enough power to drive a 4K display or high-speed storage device, but if you want to do both things at once you'll need to devote a channel to each one as daisy-chaining won't give you enough throughput. All three standards are much, much faster than USB 2. Thunderbolt can do 20Gbps.

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You would need an adapter. The adapter would depend on which Thunderbolt port your computer is equipped with. If your computer has Thunderbolt 1 or Thunderbolt 2, then you would need this adapter along with a USB hub. My Tandy from had USB, but was useless in It was not till Windows 98 that USB had driver support and became popular. The USB standard wasn't even finalized until the mid 90s. I'm pretty sure the T had a custom serial interface, but it wasn't USB.

Thunderbolt 3, USB , USB Type-C: Making Sense of Connections | B&H Explora

Nope, definitely not. No USB interface on the original Tandy's and doubtful anyone could've modified the boards etc. Wow, good memories. I developed some of my first software packages for the tech sector on one of those machines. I recently purchased a iMac that has Thunderbolt 2. I would like to purchase a dock to manage my external drives and my big screen HDMI..

I did not realize that this would be such a large expense. I have noticed that the USB-C dock are considerably less expensive. Will I still have the same speed advantages? If the USB-C dock you are looking into is Mac compatible, it shouldn't be a problem if you have the Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. You won't have the Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth but Thunderbolt 2 speeds should be more than enough.

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I'm developing a USB3. In my application, I can have 4 of these sensors operating simultaneously. If now, how would you suggest I get 4 sensors sending this data into a Thunderbolt 3 host? How can I daisy chaing these USB 3. My current option is to put a 4 port USB3. You would not be able to use a hub as you would be limited in bandwidth to a single USB port. We do not currently offer a device that would let you chain Thunderbolt 3 with USB 3. The best option at this time would be a PCIe card as you described.

Well, I want to know basically, if I can buy an external Thunderbolt 3 interface drive that is 40Gbps and connect it to a new card I added in my desctop that give me USB 3. Through firmware.

Am I ok connecting a Thunderbold 3 ext. USB 3. Not all USB-C ports will be 3. Is my thinking correct? Skip to main content. Thunderbolt 3, USB 3. Not your type? Related Articles. Tips and Solutions. Where to Play Apex Legends. What is Wi-Fi 6? Lisa W. Reply Reply. Geoffrey Ngai. Hi Lisa! Michael B. Will the MacBook be able to read. Jack L.

Jacques S. Thanks for your help. Bao L.